"Angelo's European Specialty has the best customer service. I always love doing business with them whether it is my Nisan Murano or my 911 Porsche. Angelo always gets it right. His wife Stacy and her sister Sandy are extremely competent and helpful and are always friendly. Angelo's European has the best customer service in Redding. I consider tham my personal family mechanic" Tina Marie

"Over the years I have used several European auto repair/service shops in both Southern California and here in Redding and without a doubt the best of all is Angelo's European on Victor in Redding. It's all about knowledge, honesty and fair pricing. Angelo is bright, knows how to diagnose the issues, and follows through with skill, integrity and very fair pricing. By the way, I first heard of Angelo from my friend and client Brent Taylor of Taylor Motors who sends all his European trade-in's to Angelo for inspection and service before offering them to the public." Paul Barth

"I have taken my Audi A4 to Angelo's for the last 5 years. He has replaced my clutch, timing belt, front end, Airconditioner compressor, and other numerous parts. Their prices are always the best in town and their service is exceptional. I have complete trust in them and would not hesitate recommending them to anyone." Rajiv Patnaik

"I am writting in regards to the experience that I have had with Angelo's European Specialty this past year and a half. I have an Audi A6 that has had numerous problems and I had the greatest experience with the staff, service and value with them. I used another local business that specializes in German cars and came to find out that they were not looking out for the best interest of myself as a customer"
I discovered Angelo's due to a problem that I had in the middle of a rainy day last winter with my window not rolling back. I took my car right away to the other business that I had been going to and they told me it would cost $300 to replace. I took my car to Angelo's, who lubed the track and the window and the window has worked perfectly ever since.
I have had the transmission replaced and other costly repairs performed at Angelo's and Angelo's was always teh best price and service. Now I do not hesitate to take it straight to them. I will not use anyone else for my German car needs. I have recomended them to many people because of how professional and caring they are." Carly Sanchez

"I met Angelo and Stacy about five years ago in a context outside of the business and I liked them so much that I immediately began taking all my cars to Angelo's for Service. Now that I have had my cars serviced and repaired at Angelos for over five years, I have not only had complete faith in Angelo's judgement with respect to his automotive knowledge but perhaps I trust that he is being honest with me as to what parts and service are truly needed. As a local realtor, I use my car daily and I have to rely on that transportation and Angelo has never let me down and I trust him completely. Angelo's European is the only place that I will take my cars." Leslie Lierly